Monday, September 12, 2016


Monday September 12, 2016

#1. Part 1A  “I’m Back”...on Top: Waging Capitalism

A New Scope
            On what could not be a more welcomed and fitting picture-perfect, beautiful, cloudless Fall day, -compared to the seemingly, and likewise fitting, showery day just yesterday on the 15th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, almost resulting in the cancelling of grand ceremonies held that day, the eyes of the nation again, through the live and on location broadcasts of various morning shows from America and around the world, today gathered at the site of the recently fully completed WTC complex for a staged ceremonial/official grand opening of all the 7 WTC buildings. Tenants of the last tower to be completed, WTC 2, had been gradually moving in since its completion in late July that summer, but today wtould actually be their first full-capacity occupation of this building.
            Recollectingly, Morning Show hosts from 15 years ago who had broken the news of the events that day, in most cases, came back to be guest co-host for the special on-site broadcasts that morning. They shared their variously felt emotions and experiences of that day and drew the nation into a sort of cathartic page-turning from, and lifting of, the, as strikingly emoted today, shadows of that fateful day. Indeed after 15 somber years of recovering from the events of that 9/11/01 day, finally, with this grandly celebrated ceremonial opening today, and on such a glorious, (although noticeably breezy), day, to “confirmingly” boot, it did look like a ‘New Day’ had indeed dawned for America. -Most emblematically, pertinently here: the United States was “back on top”...
            ...And now, after various prequelling ceremonies, -which include a couple of interviews with well-wishing recent RNC’s Presidential nominee ticket (also much slimmer) Chris Christie and his “Health Care Revamping and Reforming Czar”, Vice Presidential choice Ben Carson, and also DNC’s VP choice Hilary Clinton (with Presidential nominee Joe Biden attending meetings at the Capitol), and both profusely extolling how America is, through various implemented, even proactive, security and intelligence measures, including the heightened alertness of the reporting public, now much more secure from such events, at precisely 9:00 AM, the doors to all of the 7 WTC building all opened together, with ceremonial ribbon cuttings, by, symbolically enough various non-9/11/01-related (i.e., victim family, survivors, law enforcement, military), but rather, for celebratory emphasis, various cultural, economic, (new) political dignitaries, and let the throngs of workers, and then visitors, stream into the completed new complex.

Broken News
9:00:00 AM - As grand and pivotal as are these opening events that morning, it actually is not the hottest news of that morning/day. Since the news had broken out on Friday afternoon, the major/leading news story had been the scrambling for an emergencily arranged, and today-convened, UN Security Council convening, -which also overshadowed the scheduled UN General Assembly Session which itself was set to fully begin the next day, in order to discuss the disclosures and claims of Israel and America that Iran had all of this time, (circuitously through the help of China who wanted better oil deals), been secretly, remotely enriching and importing uranium at, alledgedly, 90%, thus nuclear-weapons grade, levels’. And in conjunction with this “terrifying news” an instant drum beat of overwhelming, militaristic intervention had been set in motion by especially Israel, with the U.S. not far behind, and by that morning had more than less caught up as, feverish deliberations are then taking place at the U.S. Congress through a heightened full session in order to deliberate what the U.S. response should be in the light of the recently discovered Iranian duplicity. And that, with actually a really, (given the Executive’s Branch’s inherent powers to act in cases of National Emergencies), just probing/gauging request for a congressional “authorization/approval to use military force” actually having been submitted by President Obama, (who at that moment is at the UN Headquarters to preside in person over the emergency Security Council deliberations), and with the Vice President having been sent to oversee in person the pressing joint-session deliberations, and in turn preside over any distinct Senatorial deliberations.
            So coverage of these rousing developments, -with special live updating reports from the grounds of the UN; as well as the passionate and vehement, “quasi-flash” anti-Strikes/War protests in various U.S. cities, and particularly at the U.N. and the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C., took up much of the rest of these newscasts.

Cranking Calls & Inflamed Indicates
10:26:12 AM - Now following various interjected previewing features segments by the networks for pointedly the WTC opening event, which included live broadcasted walk-through the WTC Complex buildings, as they now pause for their short 10:30 break, there now is a somewhat concerned scramble as the broadcasts cut to commercials, to ascertain the breaking and alert level info feed chatter and claims of a couple of airplane crashes in the United States. But upon the, literally barrage of, mostly, tracedly, internationally-originating, crank calls from the day before, and as in recent years, on the September 11 date, of people claiming various 9/11 related terrorist activities, pointedly as to hijacked planes, and/or Flight 93-like heroic fight back ending in sacrificial crashes in remote fields, authorities, these newscasters, indeed the nation in general, has now long learn to dismiss these calls and claims as the work of subversive “9/11 Truthers”. But the calls and claims now seemed to have gotten more tangible, responding attention from Federal Authorities with a probing team having been sent by helicopter to one of the claim sites. That inquiry was covered by a local news team and the national networks/broadcasts were pondering here whether or not to broadcast this, albeit clearly seen to be wild-goose chase, excursion. So as they return from the commercial break, though looking quite confused as by now the news feeds are at that moment almost exploding with similar added claims, pointedly mentioning New York City, the morning show host explicatingly decide to stay with the verified story that the reports of hijacked and crashed/crashing planes and other related terrorist activity are all evidently hoaxes from quite disturbed and mischievous people.

            However these newscasters are by now left with no other option but to report, by now fully confirmed reports of several major, just started raging and growing, multiple alarms, forest fires near several Metropolitan Areas across the United States; namely in: the Hills of Los Angeles, the suburbs of Chicago, Washington D.C. and Arlington, Virginia, and along the Potomac River Banks, near Philadelphia, and close by Long Island, Upper New York, and variously (e.g., in the Schiff Nature Preserve) in New Jersey.

#2. Part 1B   Awed and Shock: Mission Re-Accomplished

Converse Dejà Vu
10:32:50 AM - Having covered all of these breaking and pending stories, the normal broadcast agenda for that special day pointedly are deliberately resumed...but suddenly, like the effect of a (Battery Park)-landed, approaching Tsunami wave, a striking rumble is heard in the distance...the increasing and, actually doppler effect of scurryingly distancing shrieking screaming is being, actually more loudly heard, as it is simultaneously seen the, by now, frantic chaos that is taking place in Lower Manhattan. Then almost as if possessed by an identical mindset, the people nearest to the WTC grounds, confusedly follow the common gasping gawks of those who, cascadingly, soon also enjoin this clearly quite contagious panic, and proceed to also look up, then they too, now most consternedly, understand that they also have to “just run away”, indeed instantly knowing that they must now not actually sanely/rationally first ponder if what they are seeing is actually reality, nor just their 9/11-influenced minds playing a Dejà Vu trick on them, as they behold, less than 500 feet overhead, the imposing mammoth body of an approachingly swooshing, and almost nose-diving, wide-body, double-deck, four-engine jet airliner, towards the WTC Complex. It is the readily recognizable iconic figure of a Boeing 747.

            Flying at clearly what was over 500 mph, the gargantuan plane, quite perfectly levelled off, slices like a hot knife in a block of butter, -indeed both effortlessly and soundlessly, right into the WTC 4 complex, at about its 30th floor. Then almost instantly is collectively heard the booming sound of the impact, but which in turn is instantly drowned out by the sound of a massive detonation is heard, but with a comparatively small exploding fireball actually being seen.
            For the more remote onlookers, who themselves had mesmerizedly stopped running away as they perceived what the crash destination of that rogue aircraft manifestly would, and with some of them having been filming the doomedly trajecting plane, and by then mindfully had thought that what they had long been seeing, -by now over and over in various video re-playings and dramatic depictions, from the September 11, 2001 had psychologically, emotionally and flinchings-wisely, nervously prepared to for what they clearly were here similarly about to see again; -the product of this impact was literally sensorily, and mindly, traumatic. It literally was ca. 4X more powerful than what they had braced themselves for, and indeed much more, as most of them were here newly witnessing this in person and almost right at the site of impact.
The Dominoed Effect
10:33:30 AM - But they did not even have time to process all of these transpired developments, and also their unexpected reactions, when a new height of terror seizes them. The struck tower quite visibly never structurally resets from the sway of the forceful impact and, upon the detonation inside, and 37-42 of its above impact storeys begins to, en bloc, topple over, -with, much worse than the “jumpers” during 9/11, many people and furniture seen crashing through windows and flailingly falling out into the open, as helplessly increasingly realized, soon go crashing right into, and deeply through, the glass facade of the next by WTC 3. Clearly, but still also unexpectedly, the sheer massive weight of the toppling over Tower 4 was just as forceful, including from its, albeit slower, displacement force, than the impacting super-jumbo jet, and beyond the immediate fire that had also erupts in WTC 3 as the also inflamed Tower 4 has been sledging down through almost all of its 71 floors, Tower 3, itself also unable to reset its structurally built-in impact give to that impact, begins to perceptively, increasingly, critically lean over... -towards the Port Authority’s Transportation Hub (=WTC 6) next to it below.

Wishful Dejà Vu
10:35:22 AM - Now, and quite unexpectedly, all of the eyes, both physical and technological, which are most naturally transfixed on the then clearly also likewise doomed-to-topple over Tower 3, -are collective drawn away from that horrifying sight to see what is that new non-human screaming sound that they hear. They then turn just in time to see another massive plane, this time the by then in 2016 also readily recognizable flying silhouette of the newest Super-Jumbo Jet, an Airbus 380 swooshing towards them at clearly top speeds just as it is sharply banking from just over the Hudson river.

            Oddly enough, a few Police officers on the ground, unholster out their gun and open fire on the approaching plane in the relative distance, and are soon enjoined by other civilians who either are carrying a gun, or have one in their car. But a sudden change of flight from the plane causes them to stop firing, thinking that perhaps the controls of that plane had at the last minute been retaken by its crew or passengers. The massive plane indeed flies by its manifest previous target, the architecturally 1776-ft high, 104-floor WTC 1 “Freedom Tower”, and swooshing by overhead and right in between WTC 2 and the leaning WTC 3, which the vibrations actually causes it to further lean over, the plane manages to fly through and clear, i.e., without any impact, out of the skyscraper obstacle course of Lower Manhattan. People on the ground begin to wildly cheer the manifest overturning development here...when that cheering quickly changes to screams of horror and panic as it then becomes increasingly clear that the plane is just making a fly around, and soon it is indeed back on its collision course with WTC 1...Then, and with a last minute almost completely shift to a lateral angle of flight, the plane goes slicing right into WTC 1...also at about its 35th floor!!

            Even more surprising than with the first plane strike on WTC 4, though a massive detonation is heard, there is an even less visible fireball that is seen from that explosion. However just as with WTC 4, and in fact even more pronounced, WTC 1, clearly also unable to reset itself from the impact sway, likewise begins to, in a sheered off bloc of ca. 70 floors, topple over....towards WTC 2. The wishfully dejà vu effect is relentless.
            And just at that time, with the quite literal ground shaking caused by this impact with WTC 1, WTC 3 now no longer is able to prevent its doomed state and it completes its toppling over...also right into WTC 2. WTC 2 is not able to resist the joint-impact, and just gradually sheers away, toppling and crumbling over the traffic streets next to it.
            Almost as unbelievably shockingly had been the (delayed) tower collapsing of the prior 2(+1) WTC Towers on 9/11/2001, to all who have witnessed this, both in person or on the many worldwide networks which are filming all of this live, compoundedly now are, not only these collapses, but most shockingly is the impact-instantaneousness of their destruction, as if they had been constructed out of beams of wood instead of (improved performance) steel and (also better, reinforced) concrete. Indeed, unlike 2001, the towers have not (inexplicably) now crumbled into mostly fine dust, but now major, and also ragingly flaming, chunks from the building are still wholely seen strewn all about the grounds here, and ironically enough, not much at all in the 9/11 Memorial  basins in the middle of the grounds, as if to symbolically reflect that a New “Ground Zero” had indeed just been effectuated...and all, psyche-blowingly, in less than one minute!!??!

And the Beating Goes Up
10:37:05 AM - But the shock of all of this has not even begun to have its impact, let alone settle in, when, the sound of another approaching aircraft, another A380, whose sighting and sound had clearly been distracted from and muffled by those toppling towers, is seen also coming in from the direction of battery park, and approaching at a nose diving angle. Then as it flies right towards the now completely destroyed WTC site, and momentarily disappears into its, comparatively to 9/11, smaller but still thick debris particle cloud, with all expecting to hear the sound of its impact as it had manifestly been targeting WTC 3 which it clearly couldn’t see was already collapsed, it suddenly reemerges out of the debris plumes cloud, almost perfectly horizontally leveled off and still flying at top speeds. Well it soon becomes clear what had occurred here. The pilots of that plane had quickly, and quite successfully realized that WTC 3 was already collapsed, and a new target was “acquired”, which by now is clearly understood to be the ca. 5300 yards/70 blocks away, 102 storey/1250 ft high Empire State Building...which it indeed crashes into some 15 seconds later, at around its 25th floor. These struck floors are immediately set ablazed.
            Unlike with the WTC impacts, this time a massive fireball is immediately and amply seen. But also unlike the WTC impacts, there is not observed toppling effectuation here...

Bonus Jabbings II
10:38:18 AM - Then out of the corner of onlooking eyes, another plane is seen approaching in the northwest distance flying above the Hudson River. As it approaches it is seen to be a Boeing 747 Dreamliner. Maintaining its course, it widely flies by the Empire State Building crash site and then suddenly banks sharply and nosedivingly towards the Manhattan Island. Before long, it hurtlingly slices into the 42 storey, 587 ft Javits Federal Building where several Federal Executive Department Offices are housed, including the New York Field office of the FBI. Another massive detonation is heard and a bright conflagration is seen, and with some debris being seen to eject out of the other side of the building. The struck floors are also immediately engulfed in a massive fire.

Response Readiness 1
10:39:12 AM - Needless to point out that all of America, in fact, a large part of particularly the Western World, are riveted to the video being broadcast on their television, and various, screens. The networks which had not been broadcasting these morning shows, just now have switched their feed over to these live and on site streaming videos. They bring their audience up to date with what has just taken place in New York City, loopingly replaying the vivid, and multi vantage point captured video, and as much more videos from people who had been personally filming on and near the site are being uploaded to the internet and, quite naturally, instantly going viral.
            Having learned their lesson from the relatively lethargic and deficient September 11, 2001 Defense response, no ascertaining or reactionary hesitation in now taken in the light of these clear and understood effectuations, and the Homeland Security Department immediately puts America’s National Terrorism Advisory System on its highest, “imminent” threat level. Given again the aircraft-borne nature of these attacks and threats, the FAA is directed to enjoin with an immediately disseminated order for all aircrafts over American Airspace to immediate land at the nearest airport and also for the grounding of all other civilian and commercial aircrafts.
            The Pentagon knee jerkedly follows up by putting NORAD on a deemed most applicable EMERGCON - Air Defense Emergency alert level, with an accompanying order for the Air National Guard in all 50 States to scramble all of their fighters in the air.


Dumbfounded Speechlessness          
10:42:13 AM  - But the news of what has just taken place in New York City abruptly interrupts everything. Congressmen and women drop what they had just been passionately discussion to turn to their smart/video phone, tablets and laptops to view the news reports. You would literally hear a pin drop in the convening House Chamber, -in fact throughout the Congress, were it not for the garbled-together voices of the broadcasting news reporters bringing people up to date as to what has taken place. But just then some frantic staffers rush into this House of Representative halls. After having managed to calm them down, it is most puzzling deciphered that they are being told to evacuate the Capitol. Just then, the phones and security pagers of virtually all of the assembled Congresspeople,with now Secret Service officer rushing in, most forcefully, pointedly towards, the Vice-President and Speaker of the House and President Pro-Tem of the Senate. The urgent alert is that ‘a plane (which had immediately responded to the FAA landing order), had (whether mistakenly or not) entered into the outer limits of the restricted Washington D.C. airspace.’

House Ajared             
10:45:05 AM - That was now about 6 minutes ago. An immediate, and actually evacuation-hampering, panic erupts, but is quickly overcome by the calming instructions of various Capitol security personnel. But then it is immediately reinstated as people begin to live see newsfeed videos from the media covering the agitated protests outside, of an approaching plane, another wide-body jumbo jet, -again an Airbus A380, flying low, just over easily recognizable, nearby Washington D.C. building and landmarks, -in fact it has just flown right over, what can easily be, also seen and recognized in the same frame, as the Library of Congress Building. Two seconds later the Southeast section of House of Representatives Chamber explodes, and produces and propels all kinds of cross-rushing and inrushing chunks of all kinds of debris, and then immediately erupts in a massive fireball. The rest of the Congress can be seen to be gradually impacted, with many windows, and even walls, exploding, as much of that fireball is corralled down the connecting corridors towards the central grand dome of the Capitol, with it soon seeing plumes of smoke streaming out of its also blown out windows.
            The large crowd of, mainly protesting, people who had gathered around the Capitol all, in one voice gasp at this sudden strike and massive destruction.

National Coverage
10:47:00 AM - By now, it is most nobrainly clear that the United States is again under terroristic attack, and most manifestly, in terms of super-jumbo jets being used, as well as this almost simultaneous execution, -with 3, moreover planes, striking of US landmark targets within 5 minutes, at a quite heightened and honed level.
            The Pentagon itself, thinking that it is, in this evident September 11, 2001 replay, most likely the next target, is trying to decide if it should, at least to what extent, personnel-wise, evacuate its building. Among one of their present and urgent task in the face of such a crisis, they, -since the jets scrambling orders from the Pentagon to the National Guard, are seeking to obtain clear and confirmed orders from the Presidency, as to whether or not, also merely seemingly rogue aircrafts can be shot down.
            The FAA itself is scrambling to locate any aircraft which are off course, but it presently neither sees any nor has received any sustained alert of any. Earlier that morning there had been signals of aircrafts in flying distress, but that had seemingly soon been resolved as false alerts.

Entrenched Front
10:48:12 AM - Meanwhile, at this time, in various reports are coming in of massive (twin) blasts and catastrophic derailments in several subway systems, 7 to be precise, namely in Boston, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington D.C.

Panic Feed
10:48:52 AM - In this even more advanced instant communication age, the news of these attacks quickly pervasively spreads throughout the nation, with most people already tuned in to the streaming news and communication networks on their mobile devices. And the most manifest awareness that these nationwide subway attacks are related to this, clearly heightened and expanded wave of terrorism, lead to a mass, panicked evacuation of all subway transit systems across the nation, but with several cases of fatal tramplings occurring.

Global Cover
10:49:02 AM - Over at the UN Building, the various world government delegations immediately enact their securitizing protocol at the sights of these terroristic attacks in the U.S., with world leaders being taken out of the building. But as they proceed to make their way outside to awaiting cars, or even drive out from the underground parking onto the street, they are met by a surrounding, quite precise and restrained sniper firing which is more terrifyingly just picking off various people left and right, seemingly with solely single, 100% target-striking, shots. Mass, even trampling, panic ensues as people rush to head back inside the building, and this initially causes these world leaders and their delegation party to remain pinned down, -trying to take cover within the UN Building and wherever they can across the compound grounds.

Windowless Seat
10:50:35 AM - Near Leesburg, Virginia, two fighter jets are in hot pursuit of a suspected aircraft which is flying nearby having assumed that it was instead, “on 9/11 pattern”m headed for the Pentagon. Upon approaching it, the airmen see, by its windowless body, that it is just a cargo plane, a 747-8 Freighter, manifestly, as actually is its heading, to the nearby Washington Dulles International Airport, so they abandon pursuit in order to attend to other potentially hijacked passenger planes.

            But instantly after the fighter planes have left the area, the 747F shifts to a Southeastern ward heading right towards the CIA Headquarters compound in Langley, VA some 24 miles, and about 2 minutes and 20 seconds later it diagonally ploughs right through to the center of its main office building.

Airspace Down          
10:52:13 AM - With the news of that CIA HQ strike being immediately reported by the noticing still nearby fighter pilots, the also immediately informed FAA, also having learned from 9/11, immediately orders the complete shut down of the U.S. Continental Airspace. All aircrafts must immediately comply by landing at any nearest capable airport.

Evacuation Alerts
            During these latest times, in several buildings in both New York and Washington D.C. people are evacuating government and landmark buildings en masse. One of the first buildings that was evacuated was the U.S. State Department.

Double Taps
10:53:29 AM - But while its tenants are crowded outside, even spilling out into the street, a passing City Bus, the H1-numbered bus, suddenly violently explodes, all in the same rapid double tap, smaller then larger, explosion sequencing. And as if it is the initial salvo in yet a new front, a series of other bus explosions, 9 more in total, explode right around that time in several major cities across the U.S., which turn out to be the top 9 most populated cities in the U.S.

Mythly Busting
10:54:49 AM - Nearby over the airspace of Fort Meade, Maryland, an aircraft, an A380, is flagged by flight controllers who had noticed that it had suddenly climbed to its altitude ceiling of 43,000 ft (=8 miles), manifestly to not be confused for an attacking aircraft in that, by now, quite hypersensitive Nation’s Capital area airspace. Nonetheless a fighter jet is sent to verify and escort it through this airspace, but when the jet fighter arrives at its location, it cannot find it. The jet fighter pilot is then informed that the plane had climbed further up to 50,000 ft. And just as the fighter plane is about to ascend up to find it, the A380 is seen to have had suddenly does an almost completely vertical nosedive, and flies downward just past the jet plane. Then, with its gravity-aided-speed exceeding 820 mph, some 35 seconds later, -having maintain and even further verticalized that nosedive, the A380 disappears in a cratering explosion right onto, and deep into, the main buildings of the NSA headquarters.

10:56:25 AM - Being diligent to obey the FAA’s immediate landing order, several airplanes have indeed sought to land at the nearest capable airport. But that greatly adds to the confusion as to which of those aircrafts are actually on rogue course diversions. And what now further complicates the issue here, a series of grouped car bombings in the parking garages of several major airports in the United States, and one in Toronto, Canada’s Pearson Airport, are flooding in. Added to these explosions, several firebombs also explode on the main runways of these airports. A flurry of quite specific bomb threats are received at several other major aiports. Greatly fearing for the safety of diverted landing aircrafts at these major airports, a secondary order is immediately issued by the FAA for landing pilots to avoid “primary” airports, which is understood to be the busiest ones across the country, and instead seek to land at secondary airports, which are ‘secondary/back up sites’ which are already clearly designed as such and so known by pilots (e.g., Chicago Midway Airport v.s O’Hare).

Diverted Landing
10:59:02 AM - At the Pentagon, which by now has been partially evacuated, two fighter jets are again in hot pursuit of a seemingly rogue aircraft in the area.

            This time it is a passenger plane, a Boeing 787, and it is flying at top speeds and low altitude and towards the Pentagon building. Just as they are about to engage it, and open fire, they hear the frantic voice of a woman trying to make radio contact and who is identifying herself as the head flight attendant. They respond to her and she hurriedly reports that the plane had indeed been attacked by hijackers, but the passengers had managed to put up a fight and are presently holding the hijackers down. But this was not before the entire flight crew and the air marshal on board had quickly all been shot dead. She reports that she has taken over the flight controls of the plane and is trying to land it at the nearby Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. However she clearly has not made the correct approach here, indeed coming in way to fast, and also had aligned itself with the runway which is way too short for that aircraft. She is then instructed to abort that landing attempt and fly around to attempt it again as they will guide her. So she complies and begin to retract the landing gear...but less than 8 seconds later, the plane actually (drop) “lands” right in-through the roof of the Pentagon’s 5th Wedge, where, in its basements, the National Military Command Center, the DoD’s “War Room”, is also located.

Triggered Fingers
11:02:40 AM - The news of the unexplained, but manifest Pentagon Strike ruse, or perhaps hijacker’s takeover, is quickly spread through defense communications, and what then ensues is an ad hoc, almost wanton, immediate shooting down of any aircraft which manifest the slightest sign of non-compliance. And several planes did easily fit this criteria through their non-responding/communicating. But also quickly seeing the potential unnecessary damage that such action are probably having, the FAA, still not being able to be put in contact with the President, Vice-President or any Acting President, decides to act on its own then relegated authority, to maintain a shoot down protocol, but significantly downgrade this authority by requiring that, also when a cockpit camera feed is not transmitting, a quasi-physical visual confirmation by fighter pilots of Cabin distress/hijacking must first be conscientiously done.

No Hoax
11:03:00 AM - At the same time, it is confirmed that the many earlier reports of airplane crashes were actually founded as a dozen of planes are located to have crashed in remote and solitary areas throughout the U.S. mainland.

11:03:21 AM - Inside the UN Building, only some world government delegations had been able to make it out of the compound successfully. Leading the way was President Obama, who, aboard the certainly bulletproof Presidential “Beast” vehicle had long managed to make his way out of the UN grounds.

Uncleared For Takeoff
11:04:41 AM - Over at LaGuardia airport, an airplane which had originally been delayed on the tarmac of (East-West) Runway 13 while second in line for takeoff, and then indefinitely grounded upon the orders by the FAA, is seen to be taxing, seemingly back to its departing gate. However, having cleared the aircraft in front of it, it suddenly makes its way back onto, but across, Runway 13, then turned towards the cleared North-South Runway 22, which it embarks upon in an opposing direction, i.e., at its northern end, which is its taking off end. Flight Controllers finally alarmedly notice this strange maneuvering and positioning, and when the pilot and crew remain unresponsive to their inquiries and  they realize that the plane is trying to take off, as it is not barreling at top speeds down the run way, they dispatch a police crew to try, by any means necessary to, foil its take off. And just as a leading Police’s SUV is about to cut off its path on the runway, it suddenly suffers a blow out and begins to spin out of control, also taking out several other police cars around it. That hindering accident permits the plane, a (twin-engine) Boeing 777, to go unobstructed by them and take to the air a few feet later....

To Ford or not to Ford
11:05:11 AM - The U.S. Presidential convoy is by now speedingly, and with added National Guard contingent escort, steadily climbing towards its target average convoy evasive speed of ca. 60 mph, on his way to the JFK Airport, planning to, as soon as the options come, deliberately use a non-scheduled route, in order to board the already started up Air Force One. But here the convoy has a major scare as this ultra low-flying airplane crosses their path almost right above over their heads, while the convoy has started to cross the Queensboro Bridge. With its landing gear still unretracted, the Secret Service officials, who are wondering if they should turn back to get off the bridge, which is technically closer, or speed on off the bridge which is maneuverly and traffic-wise less complex. So they end up just inadvertently immobilized in their the plane goes powerfully swooshing by.

Global Reach
11:05:16 AM - ...Then, just 5 seconds later, the plane which oddly enough had never since takeoff climbed higher than a hundred feet above the ground, drops about 50 feet and goes slicing almost completely lengthwise right through the area around the 6th floor of the United Nation’s Secretariat Building.
            With literally all of its structural support having thus been eclipsed, the 509 ft high build stands no chance of remain upright and, like a felled tree, it goes timber over falling squarely onto the UN General Assembly Hall building below.

            Unlike the U.S. President and his protective detail who had escaped just in time, the rest of the world convened leaders and their delegations are not as “protectively fortunate”, and many of them, still being pinned down and inside by the snipers firings surrounding the UN compound, suffer many casualties from this massive, instantaneous collapse.  

Order Through Go
11:10:25 AM - While still aboard “the Beast”, on his way to JFK, President Obama is finally reached by the FAA director and sustains his downgraded ‘confirm first’ protocol shoot down order.

S.W.A.Ting Decisions
11:11:05 AM - One of the sniper locations is then found. It turns out to have been coming from, as in the case of the 2002 D.C. Sniper, the trunk of a modified car. A SWAT teams heavy firing at the trunk reveals that it has been strongly reinforce as not bullet make it through, and the sniper firing just continues. Then as they maneuver to come closer in order to block the trunks firing hole, a blaring warning through a PA system in the car warns them that if they move any closer a massive bomb aboard the car would explode. Left with no good choice, and now frantically trying to clear the residential neighborhood, the SWAT team regroups to try to figure out what to do, while the accurately successful firing, including of any nearby person/personnel who get any where close the line of sight of the sniper, continues.

Shelling Game
11:13:02 AM - Near Chicago, what had seemed like a single aircraft on radar, is visually seen to be two aircrafts, and of by now highly suspected make: an A380 and a 747 which are strangely virtually flying right on top of each other at ca. 1000 feet difference in altitude, and less than 200 feet of distance between them. They are intercepted by a fighter jet in the area. But, caught in somewhat of a pressing dilemma, as both planes less than 3 minutes from the skyscrapers heart of Chicago, and though actually being in reassuring radio contact with both planes who inform him that they are following the emergency redirecting landing orders, even both deploying their landing gears as they approach the Midway Airport, the air force pilot decides to quickly follow through with protocol, and move still in closer to verify that the responding crew is not under duress/distress. As he then sees that the forward most and lower altitude plane is a UPS Freighter plane, he then deems it better to maneuver to first investigate the trailing and higher A380 passenger planes. The fighter plane deems that slowing itself down and allowing the trailing plane to catch up with it is the most efficient and timely approach, but oddly enough, that second plane never catches up. When the fighter pilot realizes that the trailing plane was itself also correspondingly slowing down, and though it is explaining this as for providing a safe landing distancing for the first plane, he still becomes highly suspicious that a malicious act is being effectuated here, and decides to shoot down both planes.
            But before it could get itself out of its escorting position into a crossing firing one, the first plane, the UPS Airliner strike the 108 storey/1354 ft Willis (formerly “Sears”) Tower at about its vertical middle, and just 8 seconds later, the trailing A380 plane which had priorly made a very slight Northeast banking nosedivingly strikes near its base, the recently built 93 floor/1170ft Trump International Hotel and Tower which is less than a mile away. It, and as if in slow motion, immediately topples over into the Chicago Canal next to it.

Railing Devastation...
11:14:15 AM - Across scattered areas throughout the American mainland a series of coordinated train derailings quasi-simultaneously occur. The first three involve passenger trains, with a couple occurring as these trains are crossing quite precarious crossing points, namely a deep gorge and a wide river. The last two occur with explosive and toxic hazardous materials carrying freight trains, -with one of them occurring as it is going through the level crossing at a mid-size town, and both causing a massive oil and chemical explosion.

Coast to Coast...
11:15:25 AM - A few moments after the fifth derailing, the news comes from Los Angeles that the tallest building there, the 1018ft/73 floor U.S. Bank (initially “Library”) Tower, has also been struck by, oddly enough, the 747 modified, oversized “Dream Lifter” cargo plane flying in straightly from over the Pacific Ocean.

Elevator’s Emergency Button
11:15:56 AM - The news of these airplane attacks in, 9/11-related “new” regions of the U.S. homeland, combined with a flurry of Tweets [#912], even from major media/press outlets, claiming various other attacks and threats around the country, sets in a panic throughout the U.S. as people realize that nowhere is safe and that especially any, manifestly major, city is a possible, even probable, target for attacks and plane strikes. So a nationwide mass evacuation of all buildings and high rises in America begins to frantically take place.

Terrorism 101
11:16:36 AM - At this time a flood of reports of, up to now, 18 random car bomb explosions come in from cities all over the U.S.

Chaos Controllering
11:17:23 AM - And to add to the already implemented Emergency Air Traffic management, several redirected planes are just exploding when a little after having entered urban/densely populated areas, just as they are in their final approach and descent into airports, causing great casualties and damage on the surrounding grounds.
            The FAA is therefore left with no other choice but to, -after careful manual environment ascertainments, further restrict its emergency landing airports to those which are located far from any such “high vitality” areas.

11:18:49 AM - Drastically adding to the growing, nationwide, mass panic and chaos, reports are also coming in of several major Rocket Propelled Grenade-type assaults at the nation’s largest Mega-Malls, such as King of Prussia Mall; the Mall of America, The Galleria, and the Sawgrass Mills, among six others.

....and Mass Repeal
11:20:11 AM - Then, as if things just could not sink to deeper lows, and with now the nations police agencies being stretched thin in respondings, most harrowing reports are now of, up to now, 11 distinct, heavily-armed, and also, visually and evidently, heavily-armored shooting gunmen, who are, Rampage-movie style [a 2009 movie which may have influenced the 2012 Aurora, CO theater shooting; cf. Rampage 2 (2014)], methodologically going through various heavily populated places in the U.S., -as if some of the most terrifying incidents of mass shootings in the U.S. are here being re-enacted.
            These are namely, as the specific news details quickly spread, at: the U.S. Military’s West Point Officers Academy; ; the stranded people from the O’Hare Airport Lobby; the campus of the nation’s most populated University; the headquarter building of a large Christian Ministry; a large Elementary School; the NY Southern District’s Foley Square and Federal Courthouse; a still packed joint Super WalMart and Sam’s Club shopping SuperCenter; Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme Park; the campus of the largest Urban College; and the U.S. most populated High School.

Shore to Shore....
11:21:09 AM - Over in London, an aircraft, the mammoth, Russian made Antonov 124, which had taken off from the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and is close, less than 2 minutes to be exact, to landing at London’s Heathrow’s Airport, but then makes an almost imperceptible 57 degree, northwest-north heading change of course and just 55 seconds later, it diagonally crashes right into the CIA-equivalent, MI-6 Headquarter building on the banks of the Thames River.

Like Fish Around Barrels
11:22:40 AM - By now America’s urban/working populace is literally out in the streets, which is deemed the safest place to be, -clear from tall buildings, -in fact any building, including public places such as malls, schools, etc, at all; out from all public transports, leery of any parked cars. But a new realm of fear soon manifests itself in the reports from several major cities, 22 in total, and right near these mass populace street evacuation congregatings, of people being randomly picked off by covert sniper fire. It is all like the terrifying carnage that they had witnessed taking place on grounds of the U.N. Soon, with literally no where to run to, most people find that their best safety is in just laying down flat on the ground right where they stand.

AF1 Down
11:23:50 AM - Air Force One, with President Obama aboard, has just taken off from JFK airport, after having thoroughly ascertained that there were no ambushed threats to it around the airport and its takeoff runway. In fact it is the back up/decoy Air Force One which has taken off, which is the old iconic, but soon to be replaced Boeing 747 model since the President had been using the recently delivered Airbus A380 model version as the primary AF1.

            From the time that the UN had begun to be evacuated and then the U.S. President was caused to be pinned down by the sniper firing outside, the new A380 model primary Air Force One plane, had priorly been made to take off towards Washington D.C. as a baiting tactic, pointedly since it had been used for the widely broadcast arrival flight of the President to JFK, -all to see if there are any specific threats to the President himself.
            But then, in what would arguably be the final nail in any such carried out attack on the United States, just as the just airborne, but already at max speed, President-occupied Air Force One plane is begin to do a sharp banking turn above the, deemed much more secure Atlantic Ocean area which starts less than 12 miles east of the airport, one of its wings, whose fuel tanks had just been, as usual, fully loaded with fuel in case the plane needed to remain in the air for a long time, suddenly explodes in a massive fireball, and then a raging, streaking fire. The plane has lost all function in that wing, from Engine power, to steering controls to even structural strength. The plane is thus unable to complete its turn, and now any turn at all, and it now just heading further and further out over the open ocean, all the while gradually losing altitude. Suddenly, as quite visually expected, the entire wing complete sheers off, and now the plane begins an increasingly vertical nosedive right into the waters below. The pilot and crew are unable to return it to a level position and it is clear that it is doomed to straightly plunge into the ocean below....And it inevitably does...and with such force and through such a perfectly vertical crash angle, that it just slices right into the waters and immediately disappears underneath the waters.

TerrorCon 1
11:25:03 AM - The shock of this effected “decapitation” of, literally, the “Head” of the U.S. government has not even begun to set in, when it becomes quite evident that these attackers have much more sinister plans in mind. An aircraft, an A380 Freighter, which had just taken off from Logan Airport before the FAA shut down order had been given, and had for a while been lost off radar, is per chance found by a surveilling Fighter Plane, as it is flying at less than 500 feet above ground level. Just from its heading it clearly is heading towards the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant located ca. 25 mile north of the edge of the New York City Metropolitan area.
            So the fighter plane quickly engages it, and deciding to skip all ascertaining protocol in the light of the clear and imminent target and the present nuclear threat decides to just shoot it down given its distance of less than 4 miles from the Power Plant. But just as it is about to lock in and launch its Air-to-Air Missiles (AAM) towards the plane, this intercepting fighter plane is suddenly just blown out of the air!... Immediately the profusely apologetic voice of another fighter pilot is heard explaining that his own launched heat-seeking missiles had accidentally targeted the wrong plane.

            Thrown off by the suddenly deployment of the landing gear of the seemingly rogue A380F plane as if it was about to try to land, but still not able to establish radio contact, the second fighter plane pilot then is, having decided that either a GPS radar guided launching, or merely the weapon’s system swivel targeting scope’s point and shoot capabilities are not the best “first verifying” options here, scurrying tries to again a least get back into a personally visually sighting or firing position to plane. But as he goes on to, after a G-Force crushing turn, now observing that the plane is precipatively descending towards what clearly is its NPP target which is mere seconds away,  realizes that he will only manage to get into a firing which is right in behind the hurtling A380F and about 3 miles away, he fires off both of its heat-seeking and electro-optical Short Range, a.k.a. “dogfight”, AAM’s. But it is now easy to see that even their Mach 4 supersonic speeds will not be fast enough to reach the A380F in time, for within the ca. 5 seconds that it took for the SRAAM’s to launch, fire up and approach their target, the A380F, flying at its top speed of ca. 731 mph has managed to cover the remaining distance of just under 1 mile to its target.
            The A380 Freighter goes flying right into the midst of the Power Plant exploding into a massive fireball. And not only that, the now closely tracking/trailing heat seeking missiles hone it right into that fireball and cause massive secondary explosions. Even the electro-optical missiles are not able to fully divert from the trail of its now completely gone visual aircraft body target and go crashing and detonating in other surrounding parts of the plant, further spreading its damages.

            The plant’s cooling tower has been struck right at its base and is severely damaged. And much of the plant’s functional infrastructure is all blown to pieces and mangled up, with a raging fire from the fireball quickly spreading through the plant, which by now has gone completely dark, as emergency back up power has become unable to kick in and take over the power supplying duties. It is not hard to quickly see that this plant has immediately gone critical with a total meltdown most likely inevitable.
            And apparently the secondary fighter plane pilot is also fully engrossedly pondering this sudden critical development as he soon is making a “MayDay” call as his momentarily steeringly unattended plane is also on course to surely crash into the plant. He manages to eject in time, though quite precariously given his closeness to the ground and surrounding objects and wooded areas, but his also still bomb carrying fighter plane does go crashing right into the plant causing yet another major damage zone in another functionally critical part of the plant.

Plot of Little Exits
11:27:32 AM - Then right on the heels of the Strike at the Indian Point NPP, and with almost sequentially quite precise counter-clockwork orchestration, a series of 13 massive explosions occur at all around Manhattan Island at 6 major bridges, 4 main tunnels rendering them all impassable, and also 2 Staten Island ferries.

            The struck bridges, a couple of which actually suffered catastrophic, partially collapsing, structural failure, namely are: the George Washington; Williamsburg; Brooklyn; Manhattan; Ed Koch-Queensboro; Verrazano Narrows and the RFK (Triborough) Bridges. The struck tunnels are the: Holland; Midtown; Lincoln and the Hugh L Carey Tunnels. As for the ferries, one was en route and has sunk into the Hudson River, and the other was still moored and embarking passengers at its Battery Park adjacent “Whitehall South Ferry” terminal.

            Clearly the intent of this segment of attacks is to most significant hamper the evacuation of Manhattan Island where over 1.4 million people reside and another 1 million have traveled into on this work day, all in relation of the critical and probably catastrophic situation which is now unraveling at the functionally crippled Indian Point NPP which is moreover presently inaccessible, due to the massive uncontrollable raging fire all about it.

Decoy’s Deke
11:28:56 AM - Over the air space of Washington D.C. the priorly sent primary Air Force (One) plane is about to complete its decoy flight as it is approaching Andrews Air Force Base. Trailing it is a plane which it has declared is an emergencily- commandeered cargo plane which has become AF 2 since it is carrying the family of the Vice President back to the D.C. Area. The AF 1 decoy and its trailing AF 2 are naturally permitted to fly in Washington D.C. restricted airspace, but as it is about to make its lining up approach for landing at the Andrews Air Force Base airstrip, it suddenly signals to base’s control tower that given its trailing real AF 2 “package” it will now end its baiting flight, particularly as by now the news of the shot down real/actual “Air Force One” plane has widely spread, and will instead lead AF2 to land at the Dulles Airport located about 32 miles away, on the other side of the Washington D.C. area.
            The AFB controller reluctantly accept the redirection, though they actually don’t see its necessity. Pointedly for the decoy AF1 itself, and sends a notice to jet fighters in the area, particularly as the straight line path of this last minute heading will cause this plane fly right over the heart of the now hypersensitive D.C. area
            As the decoy AF1 plane had already started its descent towards the Andrews AFB and is now flying at about 1500 feet of altitude, the new course flying right through the midst of the D.C. area can indeed cause panic, but it was quickly deemed that the clearly visible iconic plane and its insigniatic paint job should readily quell any fears on the ground. In fact it instead may serve as some sort of reassurance to the populace below.
            So the decoy AF 1, closely trailed by the actual AF 2, proceed to do this quasi-demonstrative flyover, through the D.C. Area. The expected morale-boosting effect and reaction are indeed what transpires as people cheer it on its fly by, with the plane acknowledging this reception with wing tipping maneuvers...But then, seemingly as if it suddenly lost control, just as they are about to fly past the White House, the decoy AF 1 suddenly takes a plunging descending heading, and a few seconds later goes explodingly plowing right through the heart of the White House itself.

Wandering Trail
11:29:15 AM - AF 2 which had been trailing less than a mile behind, seeing that crash, suddenly veers southwestern-ward off of its trailing course and a few likewise precipitatedly nosediving second later, fly-crashing precisely onto the midst of the main part of the J. Edgar Hoover FBI HQ building.

‘capping Act
11:32:05 AM - And as if it were the closing fireworks display for a seemingly interminable, by actually now almost exactly one hour long “Terrorism Show”, also in the Washington D.C. area, a series of 40 various detonations, explosions and conflagrations unfold in street side staggard order at several embassies all along its “Embassy Row”, at a precise pacing of one per second over the next 40 seconds.

Watershed, Flares On & Curtain Fall
11:32:50 AM - It is almost certain that by now Americans would love to turn off the lights on this bad movie rerun but it also certain was not in this way:

-Several, manhole popping explosions occur in main water pipes in New York and Chicago;

-massive, destructively terracing, explosions occur in several large cities in many residential buildings & areas supplied by natural gas,

-fire geyser causing explosions occur in desolate locations of U.S. Oil Pipelines;

-the first of reports of sporadic vehicle explosions (randomly) going off across the country, including on mass transit vehicles.

-a comprehensive national power surge occurs, actually causing many fires to spark in many homes, particularly in major cities;

-and immediately then, a simultaneous total power and communications outage befalls the entire Continental U.S....

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