Monday, September 12, 2016

Season One

Season 1A - "In Fallings" (Amos 5:18-20)

Monday, September 12, 2016
#3. S01E01     Survivoring: Aid's First Realities (Amos 5:19) 
-Emergency responders deal with the aftermath realities of rescue.

#4. S01E02     Head C-Rush: Deheadings, Danglings & Concussions (Zech 13:7-9)-related T.V. post
-The U.S. Government assesses it current state of constituency.

#5. S01E03     Hemorrhaging Trusts: In Guile We Trusted (James 5:1-3) -related T.V. post
-The U.S. and World Economy and its Stock Markets react to the events in the U.S.

#6. S01E04     Little White Castles: Keeping Up With Appearances (Rev 18:9-10ff)
-The U.S. Government endeavors to seamlessly maintain its Domestic and International power.

#7. S01E05     Without US, Without That Enemy*: *American Fascism (Psa 10:1-18)
-The basis and motive for attacks is nationally revealed.

#8. S01E06     Fahrenheit 9/12: Religion a' Piece (Matt 7:1-5) -related T.V. post
-The majority of the U.S. Population react to revealed basis and motive

Season 1B - "Falling Outs"  (Isa 56:9)

Monday, September 12, 2016
#9. S01E07     Operation Dropkick: Kickin' It On Their 2nd Down (Isa 46:11)
-North Korea decide to make plans to seize this here remanifested grand geo-strategic opportunity.

#10. S01E08   Clear and Present Threat (Deut 28:25-26)
-In the light of current global developments, Israel is greatly concerned about the manifestly imminent nuclear threat from Iran.

#11. S01E09   Found Change: The Retroactive Truth (Isa 30:12-14) -related T.V. post
-Social Media and Social Circles are abuzz with reinvigorated claims of conspiracy.

#12. S01E10   Tea Pot's Tempest (Dan 5:3-4)
-The Tea Party Caucus leads charges of government ineptitude.

#13. S01E11   Gloves Off: ...Birqas On (Gen 16:12)
-A wave of anti-muslim hate crimes spring up in the U.S.
#14. S01E12   Old School Reunion: Rousing Chatter (Rev 9:1-3)
-Al-Quaeda arises to defend/protect Islam and also seize this perfect moment.

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